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Shuko Finally Offers the $135 Omakase Its Always Promised to Go Alongside the $175 Tasting

Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau said from the beginning that diners would have two different meal options at their new sushi bar. But it took them a little while to launch the cheaper of the two.

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Daniel Krieger

From the start, ex-Neta chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau have promised to serve two different menus at their new Union Square sushi bar, Shuko: a $175 kaiseki meal and a somewhat more gently priced $135 sushi-only omakase. But for the first month of its existence on East 12th Street, the restaurant has only been offering the pricier of the two options. Now, finally, a recent call confirms that diners may choose either option. This is good news for those looking to drop slightly less cash on a meal there. Just note that it may omit things like truffle-topped scallops and caviar-loaded toro.


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