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Marco Canora and Paul Grieco Split, Dividing Up Hearth and Terroir

Canora will take over Hearth entirely, while Grieco runs Terroir.

Marco Canora and Paul Grieco
Marco Canora and Paul Grieco
Daniel Krieger

Marco Canora and Paul Grieco, respectively the chef and the wine expert behind popular wine bar Terroir and East Village favorite Hearth are parting ways after 11 years. Canora will be spending his days at Hearth, working on his book, A Good Food Day, and presumably selling bone broth in paper cups at his new side project Brodo. Grieco will take over the reins at Terroir. There's no word yet on how the move will impact the restaurant and bars, but a representative says the split is amicable. Still, a year ago, Grieco pointed at challenges in the relationship, telling Eater:

It's peaks and valleys. It's a relationship that is no less fraught with highs and lows, joys and disturbances, than would be in a relationship between two people. It's hard. Don't let anyone kid you. We spend more time here than we invariably do with our families, and that's not easy.

The divorce is certainly the biggest shakeup to happen at both places, which have remained strong, stable, and fairly unchanged during their tenure. Hearth's held two stars from the Times for 11 years and Terroir has expanded to include four outposts around Manhattan (and the now-shuttered Park Slope outpost), but always stuck with the same focus. Eater's reaching out to the team for more details, so stay tuned.

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