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Clinton St. Baking's Expansion Is Finally Underway, Hopefully Shorter Pancake Lines Will Follow

Expect more seats and a take-out spot.


Pancake Mecca Clinton St. Baking Company's takeover of the old Mini's Market will finally get under way next week and will hopefully open sometime in March. The new space will up the seating from 32 to 55, hopefully making one of New York's longest brunch lines a little shorter. Unfortunately, that change won't likely come in time for the restaurant's annual pancake menu in February. When the restaurant does open, it will be pretty similar to the classic. "We are not doing anything fancy or different...We just were bursting at the seams of the other spot and after 13 years serving so many people, we wanted to freshen up, spread out, and minimize wait times for our guests," co-owner DeDe Lahman, tells Gothamist. As for the original space, it will be used for takeout down the line.

Clinton Street Baking Co.

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