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Reserve Time Surrounded by Cats at Meow Parlour, Starting Tomorrow

If the urgent desire to pet a cat strikes, don't worry, walk-ins will be accepted too.

Courtesy of Meow Parlour

Starting tomorrow at noon, cat lovers will be able to stake their claim to some time in the city's first cat cafe. Meow Parlour, which is slated to open on December 15, will start taking reservations online tomorrow, in part to avoid the kind of mega lines that plagued Purina's pop-up cat cafe back in April. At Meow Parlour, according to the website, "You can come for as little as half an hour so you can just pet the cats or stay for up to five hours where you can use our free wi-fi while a cat naps next to you." For those who forget to reserve, or are walking around the Lower East Side and suddenly feel the urgent need to pet a cat, there's also a walk-in option. Christina Ha, co-owner of the parlour, told Eater: "We'll be able to take your information and we'll call you when the space opens up, instead of forcing people to wait on a line when it's 10 degrees." Meow Parlour, 46 Hester Street, Lower East Side