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Violent Diner Wreaks Havoc at Anna Maria Pizza and Cherry Izakaya in Williamsburg

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Furniture flying and multiple death threats.

Daniel Krieger

A wayward diner caused some major trouble in Williamsburg last week. Christopher Heyward, 23, reportedly refused to pay his $12 pizza bill at Anna Maria Pizza, and instead reached over the counter, grabbed and threw a pizza tray, and eventually hit another diner with a chair. A friend of Heyward who was with him, apparently also joined in the melee by threatening the owner, telling him that if he called the police: "you can kiss your family goodbye, we will come and kill you."

When Heyward was done at the pizzeria, he moved on to newcomer Cherry Izakaya, where he apparently was not pleased when an employee taking a smoke break outside refused to give him a cigarette. "How do you know I am not a f---ing sniper and that I won't kill everyone," he supposedly said. "When I ask for a cigarette you better give me a cigarette and this is going to be the worst day of your life, I want all the money inside." Heyward shoved the custodian into the lobby and ran off.

Heyward was arrested later in that night and managed to also attack two police officers while in the police station. He has 14 prior arrests and his bail has been set at $7,500.

Anna Maria Pizza & Pasta

179 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 599-4550

Cherry Izakaya

138 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (347) 889-6300 Visit Website