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Meow Parlour Now Hiring Staff to Spend All Day Hanging Out With Cats

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Cat ladies, please apply.

Courtesy of Meow Parlour

Cat lovers, listen up. The city's first cat cafe, Meow Parlour is looking for staff members who like to bake and take care of cats — so essentially a lot of "cat ladies," with good people skills. The gig requires staffers to split their time between the bakery/cafe, and the feline part of the operation, which we assume means making sure there are yarn balls to play with, scooping litterboxes, and keeping an eye on visiting cat enthusiasts.

More specifically, a Craigslist ad says the owners are looking for people who are "both assertive and customer service oriented as we need to balance the needs of our customers and the needs of our resident felines." For those who apply, be prepared to answer the standard hiring questions, plus "What experience (if any) do you have with cats?"

Meow Parlour, 46 Hester Street, Lower East Side

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