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Williamsburg's La Gringa Taqueria Now Serving LA-Style Mexican in the West Village

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The new space comes equipped with a big kitchen, to handle all those Midtown catering demands.

Robert Sietsema

La Gringa Taqueria, the popular LA-style Mexican restaurant from East Williamsburg, has just opened its new West Village outpost. The space looks a lot like the original, as does the menu — expect burritos, tacos, salads, and nachos, filled or topped with protein options that range from pulled pork to grilled tilapia. But nacho-hungry West Villagers are not the only ones who should note this as a major development. As DNAinfo recently reported, La Gringa does a booming Midtown catering business, and has taken on this new project partly to gain more prep room. There's now a big basement kitchen, all the better for them to deliver a full burrito spread to hungry office workers. And though spring is still a long way off, there is a backyard just waiting to be used. 82 Christopher Street, West Village