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A Chipotle Employee Mocked the NYPD in Brooklyn, and the Chain Is Struggling to Get Past It

Two weeks later, the chain is still trying to clarify the incident.

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Tensions have been running high lately, as the city's streets have swelled with protesters angry with the NYPD. That frustration apparently played out at a Brooklyn outpost of Chipotle. Two weeks ago, eight police officers were reportedly denied service by Chipotle workers who threw their hands up in a "Hand's Up, Don't Shoot" gesture. The chain recently clarified that no one was denied service, and that only one employee threw up his hands. The chain posted a clarification on Facebook:

We work hard to be sure that all of our customers feel welcome in our restaurants and apologize if the actions of any of our employees suggested otherwise....we investigated and have taken appropriate measures to be sure this doesn't happen again.

The post, which is now curiously no longer live, received a number of angry comments, including this gem: "Never again. You can shove your burritos where the sun don't hit ya."

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