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La Esquina's Williamsburg Outpost May Soon Meet Its End Before the Wrecking Ball

Condos will replace the restaurant that probably shouldn't still be open anyway.

Daniel Krieger

One of the last remaining signs of old (read: pre-Starbucks-era) Williamsburg, the metal diner on Wythe Avenue that houses Cafe de La Esquina will be torn down sometime in the new year. Construction plans are in for a 10 apartment building with some commercial space, reports Brownstoner. At 1200+ square feet, they will of course cost a fortune.

La Esquina, of course, has been on Eater's death watch list for a year and a half now, but its been coasting along on jars of bean dip, vintage diner vibes, and that sweet backyard space. But now, shockingly through no fault of its own, it appears it really is dunzo. No word on timing yet, or whether La Esquina will try to find a home elsewhere in Williamsburg, but in any case, the restaurant's SoHo location will live on, and the 1950's metal diner itself will be missed.

Café de La Esquina

225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 718 393 5500