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EMM Group to Fill Ill-Fated La Cenita Space Once Again, This Time With a Tony's Di Napoli

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The new plan for the former home of Abe & Arthur's and La Cenita involves red sauce.

Back when it was La Cenita
Back when it was La Cenita
Daniel Krieger

The EMM Group's most troubled restaurant space, last home to Akhtar Nawab's La Cenita and its short-lived, Nawab-less remake, La Cenita Steak, and before that, Abe & Arthur's, finally has a new tenant. This time around, EMM has teamed up with Tony's Di Napoli, so that the Midtown Italian restaurant can bring its heaping platters of red sauce to the Meatpacking District. According to a press release, the new restaurant should open early in 2015. It will also, apparently, occupy not only the restaurant space but also the basement level nightclub below it, which is currently home to The Brickwood, but before that housed SL, and before that, Lotus.

Clearly, EMM has struggled hard to keep anything afloat in this space. Once the Brickwood closes to make way for a private event space for Tony's, the tally of failed ventures will total three nightclubs and three restaurants (or two and a half, depending on whether you consider La Cenita Steak its own entity).

La Cenita

409 W 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

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