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Restaurant That Only Serves Canned Seafood Plans to Pop Up in New York City Next Year

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After success in London, the team behind this ode to the sardine can say they want to hit NYC next.

It looks like at some point in the new year, New York City will get its very first restaurant devoted entirely to canned food. Tincan, which architecture firm AL_A has been operating as a pop-up in London since September, promises on its website that it will arrive in New York in 2015, after ending its run in the UK tomorrow. There's no more detail than that at the moment, but presumably the pop-up will operate the same way in New York that it did in London, serving all manner of tinned fish in a jewel box of a space lined wall to wall with sardine cans.

The concept is actually not too far from what the folks at Maiden Lane, or various pintxos joints around the city are doing with fancy fish in cans, only at Tincan there are no cheese and charcuterie platters or passed tapas to supplement the canned stuff (though the cans do, at least, come with sides like bread or salad). Plus eating at Maiden Lane is not like eating in a sardine can museum. Eater has reached out to the Tincan team to find out when and where the pop-up might touch down. Stay tuned.

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