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Take A Look at the New, Old-School Menu at Mission Chinese Food

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The latest incarnation of Bowien's insanely popular restaurant is offering a few classics and a whole lot of new dishes.

After its sneak attack opening last night, the question on many peoples’ minds was how similar the menu at this new Mission Chinese Food would be to the original. Luckily for OG MCF fans, all of the classics like kung pao pastrami and salt cod fried rice are still on offer. The menu at this new location pays homage to old school Chinese restaurants in form and length, while subverting typical offerings with playful flavor combinations and the inclusion of decidedly non-Asian dishes, like hot cheese pizza (no ma po tofu version as of yet, though in theory one could just order the ma po tofu and make a DIY version).

So basically it's Bowien doing what he does best. It’s also worth noting that the new Mission Chinese has two prix fixe options going for $69 and $99 a pop, and that in addition to the cocktail cart, there's also a prime rib cart, which will be serving smoked prime rib with king crab legs table side. Take a look at the full menu below:

Mission Menu

Mission Menu 2

Mission Menu 3

Mission Menu 4

Mission Menu 5

Mission Menu 6

Mission Menu 6
Mission Menu 7

Mission Chinese Food

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