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Ample Hills Will Bring Its Wonka-Style Ice Cream to Gotham West Market Early Next Year

It's never too cold for good ice cream.

Nick Solares

Operating on the proven theory that it's never too cold for ice cream, the Willy Wonka of ice cream shops, Ample Hills, is planning its first Manhattan outpost in Gotham West Market. The Brooklyn-based scoop shop will take over the booth where Jeni's ice cream hosted its five month pop-up. Jeni's recently moved downtown to the Gansevoort Market, so the space is empty and ready for the taking. There's no opening date or menu quite yet, but expect things to get rolling sometime early next year, and expect the same lineup of flavors like Mexican hot chocolate, gooey butter cake, and their now-famed salted crack caramel. This is the second expansion for the shop in recent months, following the opening of its two-story mega outpost in Gowanus this summer.

Gotham West Market

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