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Pegu Club Alum Kenta Goto Is Planning an Upscale Izakaya for the Old Zoe Space on Eldridge Street

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A planned menu includes milk toast crostini.

The old Zoe space, pre-shutter
The old Zoe space, pre-shutter
Courtesy of Zoe

Five months after the shutter of Zoe Feigenbaum's eponymous restaurant, 245 Eldridge has a new suitor, reports Bowery Boogie. Kenta Goto, who helped put the cocktails at Pegu Club on the map, has an application in with the community board for Bar Goto. The plan is to open an upscale izakaya with items like smoked cheese and wasabi, crostini made of Japanese milk toast topped with grilled caviar, potato and Kewpie mayo, and several okonomiyaki, aka savory Japanese pancakes, that come in options like The Eldridge: octopus, squid, scallion, pickled ginger, nori and bonito flakes, and a bonito broth. The space will also be changed around to have 20 seats and a standing bar.

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