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Tijuana Picnic (May) Finally Open in the Old Laugh Lounge Space Next Monday

A voicemail message at the restaurant is promising, but nothing's set in stone here.

Jon Neidich and Jean-Marc Houmard
Jon Neidich and Jean-Marc Houmard
Daniel Krieger

It looks like Tijuana Picnic, the Mexican-Asian mashup from Acme and Indochine vets Huy Chi Le, Jon Neidich, and Jean-Marc Houmard will finally open on Monday — atleast that's what the voicemail message at the restaurant says.

Tijuana Picnic has experienced several curiously long delays. It was first slated to open in July, then September and most recently, Flo Fab announced that it would open in early November. The restaurant's still listed as "currently unavailable" on OpenTable. But, the menu's now up online. When the doors of the old Laugh Lounge finally do open, there will be large plates of pork neck with Thai-spiced chimichurri, skewers of grilled mako shark, and tuna belly tacos. To wash it down, there are six house cocktails, half of which are Margaritas which come in flavors like cactus fruit, avocado, and Aperol/strawberry red pepper. From the few glimpses of the space available online, it looks like the restaurant will have a retro vibe, a bit like the one at the newly opened Happy Ending. Stay tuned.

Tijuana Picnic

151 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

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