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Steve Cuozzo Has Nothing Nice at All to Say About the New Red Stixs

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Cuozzo really misses Chin Chin.

Daniel Krieger

Steve Cuozzo, a longtime devoted lover of Chin Chin, utterly hates its replacement, Red Stixs:

Owners...might howl over a stink-bomb column about a restaurant open only a few days. But when they replaced Chin Chin, a...favorite of mine for 27 years, with share-house Chinese, they asked for it in the kisser.

The punches just keep coming: "a dumpling truck on the street would better respect Chin Chin's memory than Red Stixs' bogus ‘Beijing' menu," and the ultimate kicker: "Red Stixs is a mockery of Chinese cuisine in any form." For Cuozzo's sake, here's hoping that Chin Chin makes its return somewhere downtown soon.

Red Stixs

216 E49th Street, New York, NY 10017 Visit Website

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