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East Village Terroir to Close January 31 as Marco Canora Takes Custody for a New Project

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Following the Paul Grieco/Marco Canora split, Canora is keeping the original Terroir.

Marco Canora and Paul Grieco
Marco Canora and Paul Grieco
Daniel Krieger

Today Paul Grieco tells Eater that the original East Village outpost of Terroir, the small wine bar empire he launched with chef Marco Canora six years ago, will close at the end of January. It sounds like the closure is a casualty of Grieco's split with Canora earlier this month. After 11 years in business together, the pair divided up their kingdom to focus on their areas of expertise, with Grieco taking over all the Terroirs, and Canora keeping control of the mother restaurant, Hearth, and at first, it seemed like that was that.

But as it turns out, Canora also kept the 12th Street Terroir (which is right down the street from Hearth). Grieco tells Eater that after Terroir closes on January 31, Canora will begin transforming it into a new restaurant. No word yet on exactly what that will be yet. As of now, Canora tells Eater that he still has "some ideas circling around," and won't have any definitive news until the new year. Will it involve Brodo? Only time will tell.

The remaining Terroirs in Murray Hill, Tribeca, and the Highline will remain alive and well in Grieco's custody.

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