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Every Last Ratty Couch Has Now Been Auctioned Off From Tea Lounge

The essence of Park Slope's standby for the self-employed is now gone.


Well, that's it. The true end of a Park Slope era. After closing for good last weekend, sprawling cafe/office of the self-employed Tea Lounge auctioned off all of its dumpy, mismatched couches yesterday, along with everything else in it. DNAinfo reports that the high chairs sold for just $1 apiece, but no word on how much the couches went for. No doubt, however, they were a steal for whoever's apartment they now furnish.

The auction is no doubt a blow to the locals currently petitioning to take over the space and revive it as their own cafe hang called the Meeting House. It means they'll have to start combing the thrift stores and closeout sales now if they want to truly restore the place to its former glory.

Tea Lounge

3752 Las Vegas Boulevard South, , NV 89158 (702) 590-8888 Visit Website

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