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The Sort of Secret Way to Tell if Mu Ramen Is Full or Not With a Single Glance

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Long Island City's hottest restaurant has a simple signal to tell passersby when it has space.

Robert Sietsema

Since Mu Ramen opened, the Long Island City hot spot has had lines out the door and waits stretching to two hours. It did recently launch same day reservations, but the competition to get those is fierce:

But locals and passersby take note: there's a secret trick to knowing instantly whether Mu Ramen is full or not. If it is full, the fancy light fixture hanging outside glows blue, like so:

But if there is space, the light fixture glows orange:

Just don't expect to see that orange glow very often any time soon.

Update: Not to worry, Mu Ramen promises it does glow orange plenty of the time:

Mu Ramen

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