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Marco Canora Forced to Buy a Second Stove to Keep Up With Demand for Brodo

Apparently, 200 New Yorkers are drinking broth a day.


Apparently, the mobs of parched New Yorkers swarming Marco Canora's broth shop Brodo are so large that the chef was forced to buy a second stove where he will simmer away his bone broths. According to Crain's, 200 people are lining up daily to spend somewhere between $4 and $9 for a cup of broth, which can be infused with things like beet kvass or chili oil. Canora's even added a brodo sampler to the Hearth menu, so that no diner is left broth-less.

Canora's gotten a bit obsessed with the elixir's healing qualities these days, and has been sending out broth-evangelizing tweets:

Then again, Canora also recently split his empire with longtime business partner Paul Grieco, so maybe he just needs some extra chicken soup to get him through the breakup.


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