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Bricolage, the Vietnamese Restaurant from Vets of SF's Slanted Door, Is Close to Opening in Park Slope

Park Slope is about to get a new restaurant with a solid pedigree.

Back when it was Brooklyn Fish Camp
Back when it was Brooklyn Fish Camp
Google Street View

Progress is well under way at the little Park Slope space that used to hold Brooklyn Fish Camp, where two veterans of San Francisco's acclaimed Slanted Door are opening their own restaurant. Here's Park Slope catches a glimpse inside the new place, which promises to serve the same sort of "modern Vietnamese" food that the Slanted Door is known form, and notes that the bar is in place (it's in the same place it was when it was Mary's Fish Camp) and plenty of chairs and stools cluttering the entryway. The restaurant even has a name now: Bricolage. That means "something created from a variety of available things," so expect some sort of fusion to be happening here. No word on an opening date yet, but it looks like it could be soon.

Bricolage, 162 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope