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Pete Wells Maps Out the Densely Packed Kimchi Belt of Queens

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Where to find the best Korean black goat, blood sausage, stuffed wings, and more.

Daniel Krieger

Pete Wells blames the old IRT for New York's general lack of knowledge of Korean food. If the 7 train extended further (as it was supposed to), "all the remarkable Korean food of Queens might be as famous as the dosas of Jackson Heights, the tamales of Corona, the som tums of Elmhurst," he writes. Wells logged some serious times along the Queens kimchi belt, which he says: "has got to be the least explored, discussed and celebrated of the city's great ethnic-food districts."

His guide, in actual map form, lays out where to find the best stuffed wings (Debasaki) , hand-pulled noodles (Mat Baram), blood sausage (Bangane), Korean black goat (To Soc Chon), and several other specialties, almost entirely along one stretch of Northern Boulevard.

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