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Team Torrisi Christens Its Highline Blockbuster Santina; Burger & Lobster Opens Friday

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Expect a Santina debut in about a month.

Fresh off Parm UWS's opening night, the Torrisi boys finally divulge the name of their Meatpacking blockbuster to Flo Fab. Major Food Group's healthy-ish coastal Italian restaurant will be called Santina, after Mario Carbone's Sicilian grandmother. The team started hiring staff a month ago, the furniture is all in place, and the restaurant should open in mid to late January.

In other news from Flo Fab, London restaurant Burger & Lobster, which serves its namesake dishes, and only those dishes, is opening this Friday in Chelsea after a delay or two. There's a burger or a lobster for $20, plus booze. The restaurant will keep 4,000 lobsters in house to keep up with the anticipated demand.

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