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Park Slopers Are Petitioning to Save Freelancer Favorite Tea Lounge by Taking Over the Space

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Potential guests promise to spend the money to keep the place alive.


While some Park Slopers are mourning the loss of the Tea Lounge (which closed on Saturday), others are starting a petition (this is the Slope after all) to keep the space as a coffee shop and meeting ground for neighbors. Two regulars of the Tea Lounge want to take over the lease and reopen the sprawling space across from the Park Slope Food Coop, as a cafe called The Meeting House. So far 234 people have signed the petition which pledges:

We will not take for granted the opportunity to connect with old friends and to meet new ones...And more than anything, we will be persistently considerate of the fact that though The Meeting House will be as close to a public space as we have in our society, like any other business, it cannot exist without financial viability. This means that we will do whatever we can.

The last point is the reason the Tea Lounge reportedly closed in the first place. Guests would come, buy a cup of coffee, and sit all day working on their novel. There's no word yet on whether the landlord will go for the move, but according to Brokelyn, the landlord Harold Dixon was excited by the proposal.

Tea Lounge

3752 Las Vegas Boulevard South, , NV 89158 (702) 590-8888 Visit Website

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