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A Clumsy Burglar Breaks Into Pok Pok Ny and Leaves a Trail of Blood on the Bar

The burglar didn't make away with any cash or chilies.

Daniel Krieger

Pok Pok Ny was broken into by one very clumsy and not terribly bright burglar recently. After knocking into a table and several chairs, a surveillance cam caught the bearded fella pounding away at the cash register for a minute or so with no luck. Somewhere in the two minutes he was in the space, he smeared some blood on the counter and then left with no cash or chilies in hand. It looks like Pok Pok was back up and running quickly, meanwhile, police are looking for the bloody bandit.

Pok Pok Ny

117 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 923-9322 Visit Website