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David Chang Will Soon Unleash His Version of That American Classic, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Chang is one step closer to his dream of opening a KFC.

David Chang/Facebook

Everyone knows David Chang has a serious love affair with fried chicken. It's pretty much his spirit animal. Ko 2.0 even pushed through some of its final labor pains with the help of some Popeyes and caviar, courtesy of Danny Bowien. Plus he has propensity for fast food knockoffs (here's looking at the fried fish bao at Ma Peche — a dead ringer for a Filet-o-Fish) means it was only a matter of time before he came out with this:

The picture comes from Ma Peche, so expect the sandwich to come wheeling around on those dim sum carts soon. With any luck, it'll be on the menu in time to help nurse those New Year's Eve hangovers.