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Map of All Drunk Santa-Approved Bars Now Available by App

The SantaCon team has released the list of all the places they'll be tomorrow.

As promised, the SantaCon organizers released the list of all the bars that will willingly host drunk Santas this Saturday. Unfortunately, the haven't actually put it on their website yet, just included it in a $0.99 app. Luckily, EV Grieve got its hands on the whole list, thanks to one selfless reader who downloaded the app. The bars are all places like Butterfield 8, Joshua Tree, Blarney Rock, and Mustang Harry's, and they're all in either Hell's Kitchen or Murray Hill.

The SantaCon team has sworn that it's "scaling back" the festivities this year, and is trying to keep participants off the streets as much as possible. But the website for the app isn't making a strong case in their favor; There's an awful lot of stumbling through the streets happening in that video playing on loop in the background. In any case, it can't hurt to steer clear of those particular stretches of Midtown this weekend. And definitely avoid any bar where the majority of clientele are wearing red polyester.

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