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A Day in The Life of Sullivan Street Bakery's Jim Lahey in 33 Photos

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Baker extraordinaire Jim Lahey is a busy man these days. In addition to supplying bread to some of the city's top restaurants, running a pizzeria and two cafes, and raising three children, he is currently promoting a new book and raising his own pigs. And he still finds time to pound out some beats.

Jim Lahey, the man behind the small empire of bread that is Sullivan Street Bakery, starts off his day with a cup of coffee with his wife, before playing the drums for as long as he can before his daughter wakes up. Next he whisks downtown to drop off to his two eldest children from a previous marriage at school. After making a brief stop at Prune to deliver a token of appreciation in the form of bread to chef Gabrielle Hamilton (who wasn't in at the time), he heads back uptown. After checking in with the staff, he conducts a lengthy meeting with the architects and contractors who are working on turning the Sullivan Street Bakery on 47th Street into a full-blown cafe, instead of just a takeout counter.

Lahey then drops off his youngest daughter at pre-school before heading to the Sullivan Street Bakery Cafe on Ninth Avenue. He is raising his own pigs upstate, and spends some time on the telephone making arrangements to have the pork delivered to the city. He also meets with chef and managers, inspects holiday decorations, and tastes chili before heading back up town to the bakery where he makes bread. He finishes his work day back downtown at Co., his pizzeria.

Sullivan Street Bakery

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Sullivan Street Bakery

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