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Midtown Soup Dumpling Destination Joe's Shanghai Shut Down by the Health Department

In a recent inspection, the Chinese food favorite racked up 70 points.

Foursquare/Assunta S.

The Midtown outpost of soup dumpling mecca Joe's Shanghai was shut down a couple of days ago by the Department of Health, after racking up 70 violation points in an inspection. According to the report on the DOH's website, those violations included roaches, improperly washed surfaces, and cold food held above a safe temperature.

Perusing the DOH records, it also seems that Joe's has not had a very good track record of late. It's held a B since June, after getting a C on an ungraded inspection in May. And last month it racked up 51 points on an ungraded inspection.

All this aside, employees are still answering phones at the restaurant, and tell Eater the restaurant hopes to be open again by the weekend. It remains to be seen whether this will actually happen.

Joe's Shanghai 鹿鸣春

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