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SantaCon Organizers Promise to Try to Keep Drunk Santas Inside This Year

They're "scaling back," in light of the massive protest scheduled that day, and the fact that no one likes drunk Santas.

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Hell's Kitchen residents may have been dismayed to learn this morning that SantaCon had once again set its sights on their neighborhood this year, but here's some small comfort: Organizers are apparently going to try to keep the drunk Santas indoors this Saturday.

In a statement posted online, the SantaCon head honchos say they will release the list of all participating bars online tonight, emphasizing that drunk Santas will most definitely not be welcome at any venue other than those. They also warn all red-suited bros to "spend most of your time inside, not on the streets."

The decision is not doubt partially due to the ongoing resistance from just about every neighborhood organization and community board out there (the Hell's Kitchen community board just made it clear that they are also anti-SantaCon) But it's in large part due to the fact that a massive protest against police brutality is planned for the same day.