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Bleecker Kitchen & Co. Owner Joshua Berkowitz Under Fire for Discrimination Against 'Big Butts'

A former manager of the restaurant is suing Berkowitz for racism.


Joshua Berkowitz, the owner of Noho American restaurant Bleecker Kitchen & Co. is being sued by Michael Douglas Jr., a former restaurant manager, for discrimination, reports the Post. Douglas says that shortly after he hired the restaurant's first black waiter, Berkowitz took him aside and asked who "the new dark girl was." He followed that gem up with: "My father warned me about hiring people like that, people with big butts. Do you understand what I mean? People with big butts don't work fast."

And it goes on from there. Douglas, is himself part black and part Asian, and a week later, Berkowitz allegedly continued the conversation thus: "With all due respect to your background ... large bottoms don't move fast, large bottoms don't work hard" and "Do you agree? I mean, aren't the Irish all drunks? Aren't Russians all thieves? I just love saying the most f—d up s—t." Douglas ultimately left the restaurant because of the repeated incidents and is now suing Berkowitz for unspecified damages.

Bleecker Kitchen & Co.

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