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Cosme Does Away With Bar Menu, Finally Starts Serving Full Menu Up Front

It just got a little easier to get a meal at the hottest Mexican restaurant in town.

Daniel Krieger

Nabbing a seat at Enrique Olvera's searing hot Mexican restaurant Cosme has been a near impossible feat in its opening months. Spots are often open at the front half of the restaurant, which contains the bar and quite a few tables, but the menu was limited to bar snacks like chips and guac and cheese empanadas, instead of Olvera's duck carnitas or scallops aguachile, and guests felt like they were relegated to the kids table.

Starting last night, however, the full menu is available throughout the restaurant, and the bar menu is out. This is very good news for Olvera fans, since it frees up a bunch more tables previously left to cocktail drinkers. Cosme's team hasn't posted the most recent menu online, and it is said to change frequently, but, from Olvera's Instagram account it looks like there's now an eggplant tamal, nixtamalized carrot cake, and a dessert of chocolate, beet, mezcal, and blood orange among some of the newer additions.

Update: Cosme's team share the menu that's now available for every seat in the house. There are two new dishes: the pozole and red snapper.

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