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Looks Like SantaCon Is Kicking Off in Hell's Kitchen This Year

Where not to go this Saturday.

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Ahead of Saturday's annual drunk Santa rampage, a clue has finally emerged as to where SantaCon will kick off. An EV Grieve reader paid the $10 donation required to get the route information early (SantaCon won't announce its route to the rest of the world until Saturday morning), and received an invitation to a pre-party at Pacha in Hell's Kitchen.

As most concerned citizens know by now, SantaCon was supposed to launch its bar crawl in Bushwick this year, but the combined resistance of bartenders, City Council members, and the Parks Department quickly dropped the hammer on that idea. Their alternate route has been a mystery until now, but Hell's Kitchen makes sense. There are a lot of pubs over there, and it's been a frequent go-to for drunk Santas in past years (much to the dismay of locals). Their return is probably also to the dismay of locals, especially after they were granted a brief reprieve last year.

But hey, for what it's worth, the Santas have been doing their level best on Twitter to make sure people don't vomit all over everything. And they now have a civil rights lawyer to back them up.

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