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Looks Like Mission Chinese Plans to Serve Shaved Ice to Quell the Blistering Heat of Chilies

The restaurant looks primed to open any day now.

Michael Benjamin

With its DOH letter grade in hand, Mission Chinese Food is so close to debuting you can almost smell the mapo tofu on East Broadway. To calm burning tongues after the voraciously fiery food, it looks like there will be snow cones, or something of the sort. Danny Bowien posted a couple of pics of his new fancy shmancy, cow print ice shaver on Twitter this afternoon:

He's also been tweeting and Instagramming much of the menu at Mission Cantina of late (particularly the new Vietnamese breakfast), but the image also shows up on the Instagram feed of Mission Chinese, so it's a pretty safe bet that the photo's from 171 East Broadway.

Mission Chinese Food

171 East Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10002 (917) 376-5660 Visit Website

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