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SantaCon Hopes Famous Civil Rights Lawyer Will Help It Overcome Its Terrible Reputation

SantaCon's organizers have hired Norman Siegel to help the event go from sloppy bar crawl to the "art" it was always intended to be.

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The unstoppable anonymous organizers of SantaCon, who have forged ahead with their sloppy bar crawl despite being banned everywhere from Bushwick to the Lower East Side, have just hired the high-powered civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel to represent them. According to one organizer, who spoke to Gothamist under conditions of anonymity, SantaCon was only ever supposed to be "art in public space," not brawling in the streets, urinating on the sidewalk, and flipping off small children. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bros out there who never got that message.

So Siegel (who also recently represented the "Ebola nurse" Kaci Hickox) has signed on to help SantaCon "transition" into an event that won't have every community board and police department up in arms. They are apparently "looking to change a lot this year," and are looking into alternative "parade and festival-like options" for next year and beyond. It's not clear what kind of changes will actually happen this year, but SantaCon has started a #dontscroogesantacon campaign on Twitter, sending out urgent messages such as these:

We'll find out how successful this campaign was soon enough, since SantaCon hits the streets this Saturday.

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