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Gowanus Brew Pub Threes Brewing Opens Tomorrow With a Mini Roberta's Inside

Here's a look a the full beer list and the pizza menu, which won't be around forever.

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When upstart beer brewery Threes Brewing opens its first brew pub tomorrow in Gowanus, a team from Roberta's will be manning the wood fire oven. Roberta's often sends out roving mobile versions of the restaurant that offer a few pies to street fairs, but this sounds more like Roberta's the real deal, scaled down just a bit. Five pizzas will be available, and there are lots of topping options to choose from, plus two of the restaurant's always-excellent salads will also be on offer. To wash it down, there's of course loads of beer, both from Threes own on-site brewery and some other small breweries, but also wine and cocktails. Down the road there will also be coffee from an in-house location of Ninth Street Espresso, but that doesn't open until next week.

The Threes' team is putting their connections to good use. Daniel Delaney's BrisketTown popped up for a party last month and there plans to bring in some other friends after Roberta's, while the team figures out its own food program. But for now, check out all the beer and pizza on the opening menus below:

Threes Brewing, 333 Douglass Street, Gowanus, 718-522-2110


- Margherita - tomato, basil, mozz, EVOO - $9/$13
- Bee Sting - tomato, chili flake/oil, mozz, sopresatta, honey - $12/$16
- Famous Original - tomato, oregano, chili flake, cacio, grana, mozz - $10/$14
- White Guy - garlic, grana, mozz, ricotta, EVOO - $10/$15
- Seasonal - rotating

Additional toppings:

$1/$2 VEG $2/$4 MEAT $2/$4 CHEESE
-garlic -pepperoni -cacio
-mush -speck -grana
-onion -sopresatta -mozz
-cotto -ricotta

- Romaine - candied walnut, pecorino, mint - $12
- Broccoli - green goddess, kale, pine nuts, cauliflower - $12

Threes Brewing Beer Menu

Threes Menu

Threes Brewing

333 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 568-9673 Visit Website

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