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'Persian Mediterranean Grill' Mazeish Moves Into the Old Pok Pok Phat Thai Space

The small Lower East Side space has a new tenant.

Nick Solares

The teeny tiny subterranean space where Andy Ricker operated Pok Pok Phat Thai until his recent retreat to Brooklyn, will soon reopen as Mazeish, which describes itself as a "Persian Mediterranean grill." Last Eater heard, the space was going to be an Afghan falafel joint, but that concept must have fallen through. The city has a serious lack of Persian food, but the cuisine seems to be gaining some steam with the opening of Cafe Nadery and Parmy's Persian Fusion last year, and the months-long Persian pop-up at Porsena Extra Bar called Lakh Lakh. No word yet on what the menu at Mazeish will look like or precisely when it will open, but don't expect it to be too elaborate, given the size of the space.