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SantaCon Now Officially Will Leave the East Village and the LES Alone

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We'll just have to wait until Saturday to see where the annual drunk Santa rampage ends up.

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No one wants a visit from Santa this year. Bushwick officially kicked out the hoards of drunken Saint Nicks that is SantaCon, and now Community Board 3 (which covers the East Village, LES, and part of Chinatown) says it will be free of red-robed men as well. Community organization, the LES Dwellers had been pushing for the move and SantaCon has promised to not pay the area a visit. Organizers still aren't giving up the information about where the vomit comet will land this year, but it is landing somewhere (and probably all over) this Saturday, so all at-risk neighborhoods are advised to batten down the hatches, whether or not drunk Santas have been officially banned.

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