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A Brawl Breaks Out at Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Table at Chelsea Clubstaurant Tao

The actor apparently just sat by and watched.

Bess Adler

A fight went down before the giant Buddha at Tao Downtown on Saturday night at Cuba Gooding Jr.'s table. The recently divorced actor wasn't part of the fight, so much as a witness to a brawl between promoter Nick Andreottola (his table companion) and some young punks vying for the same girls.

"These four rich kids, who were maybe 21 or 22, started hitting on these girls at the promoter's table and (the girls) weren't having it," a witness told the Daily News.

Ultimately, security kicked the young guys out around 1:15 a.m. "Cuba barely reacted while girls were getting shoved around...Then he got back to being all skeezy and hitting on girls," adds the witness.

TAO Downtown

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