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Bowery Meat Company's Signature Dish Is Trying Super Hard to Not Be a Steakhouse Steak

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The unusual cut comes with whipped potatoes and a tangle of grilled scallions.

Daniel Krieger

The team behind the just opened Bowery Meat Company really hates the term steakhouse. Co-Cowner John McDonald recently told WWD: "The word steakhouse is a bad word." Sticking to that, the house's signature Bowery Steak ditches the typical plain chunk of beef sitting lonely on an otherwise blank white plate, for a composed dish of whipped potatoes and meat draped with a tangle of grilled scallions. While it might look like a filet mignon, because of its cylindrical appearance, it is actually a far more flavorful cut. Chefs Josh Capon and Paul DiBari worked with celeb butcher Pat LaFrieda to take the rib cap or deckle from a kobe-style raised cow, roll it into a cylinder and cut it into individual steaks to create the dish.

Bowery Meat Company

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