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Ex-Neta Chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau Open Shuko, Their Omakase-Only Sushi Bar

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Diners have the option of either a sushi-only meal, or a longer kaiseke menu, and there are only 20 seats at the tiny 12th Street restaurant.


Shuko, the new 20-seat sushi bar from former Neta chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, opens tonight near Union Square. Unlike the Shuko pop-up that the duo ran in the Hamptons all summer, this is an omakase-only restaurant, so don't expect anything like this whole fried chicken they served then. Think more along the lines of toro topped with caviar and tasting meals running between 12 and 15 courses.

There will be two different options for diners who can manage to snag a seat: A sushi-only omakase or a longer kaiseke-style omakase. Things are not quite as pricey as initially expected: the sushi omakase goes for $135, while the more extensive meal goes for $175. Shuko's Facebook page offers a good look at the sushi bar (and there's not much more to the restaurant than that), but stay tuned for more photos soon. Shuko, (212) 228-6088,


47 East 12th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 228-6088 Visit Website