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60th Street Il Mulino Closes for Repairs After Basement Fire Interrupts Power Lunchers

Lunch service yesterday was interrupted by a basement fire and a whole lot of smoke in the building.

Daniel Krieger

Yesterday, the classy, pricey Italian restaurant Il Mulino on East 60th Street had to evacuate the dining room during lunch because of a fire in the basement. It's unclear what caused the fire, says the Post, but some believe it started in the restaurant's trash. The dining room apparently filled with smoke, and a lot of smoke could be seen billowing out onto the street, but the flames didn't make it past the basement level. It took 60 firefighters to control the scene. No one was severely injured but two people, including one restaurant employee, suffered smoke inhalation. The owners have closed the location until at least next week for repairs. Meanwhile, all of the other Il Mulino restaurants will remain open.

Update: The restaurant has reopened.

Il Mulino Uptown

37 East 60th Street, New York, NY 212-750-3270