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Old Mice-Infested Mission Chinese Food Space Is Back on the Market for $10,000

A Craigslist ad for the space admits 'the place needs work.'

Google Street View

My, this space looks familiar. Abraham Noy, the owner of 154 Orchard Street, which was the original home of Mission Chinese Food in New York, seems to think he can rent the doomed space for $10,000, maybe even $14,000 or $17,000 if he throws in the space upstairs. The Craigslist ad shyly says: "Owner will give build up time - the place needs work." Perhaps Noy thinks everyone has forgotten that Bowien was forced to close up shop there because of a massive vermin infestation and parts of the space not being up to code. Noy and Bowien are still duking it out over a lawsuit filed by Bowien for half a million in damages and a countersuit filed by Noy for $164,000 in unpaid rent, taxes, bills and other expenses.