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David Chang, Rene Redzepi, and Danny Bowien Made Mapo Pizza at Mission Chinese Last Night

Could tofu-topped pizza could end up on Mission Chinese Food's opening menu?

Devra Ferst

Some magical things went down last night at the soon-to-open Mission Chinese Food. A dream team of Momofuku master David Chang, Noma's Rene Redzepi, and Danny Bowien assembled and continued to tinker with the pizza oven left behind by former tenant Rosette. The oven was already blessed by legendary Bay-Area baker Chad Robertson a few weeks ago, but a second christening clearly can't hurt.

The team made mapo tofu pizza, which appears to be a pepperoni pizza with a big scoop of mapo tofu on top. "[W]e are calling it ‘the Chang,'" says Bowien on Instagram.

It's unclear if "The Chang" will actually end up on the menu, or if the trio was just fooling around. Bowien's been changing his menu at Mission Cantina around so much lately that almost anything seems possible.

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