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Nutelleria Finally Opens in Park Slope, After Wisely Changing Name to Nuteria

The "Nutella enthusiasts" behind this unofficial Nutella emporium finally came to their senses and changed the name to something they can't get sued over.

Before the owners came to their senses.
Before the owners came to their senses.

Remember Nutelleria, the unofficial house of Nutella in the works in Park Slope? It finally opened over the weekend. The "Nutella enthusiasts" behind it had originally promised to start selling all manner of things covered in chocolate hazelnut spread back in September, but at the very last minute (hours before it was supposed to open) the team backed out. They claimed that the chef needed "a little more time to perfect the menu."

But was he really perfecting his Nutella to toast ratio? Or were there perhaps rumblings of displeasure from the big guns at Nutella over the blatant trademark infringement? One thing's for sure: the cafe is now called Nuteria, and the original Nutelleria sign is nowhere to be seen. It does, however, serve the same menu originally promised of waffles, crepes, toast, and various pastries slathered with spread, plus Nutella hot chocolate or even just a straight up spoonful of the stuff for the rather inflated price of $1. Nuteria, 82 5th Avenue, Park Slope