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The Wayland Team Looks to Replace Simone Martini Bar, Home to the Remains of Yaffa Cafe

The Wayland team wants to open a seafood tavern called Lucille.


The days of Yaffa Cafe are truly over. When the quirky classic restaurant on Saint Mark's closed a month ago, customers were offered a bit of consolation: Some of the Yaffa dishes would live on at the owners' other place, Simone Martini Bar just down the block. Now, the team from nearby cocktail lounge The Wayland is looking into taking over the bar, which is still open for business on the corner of 1st Avenue and Saint Mark's. The prospective owners hope to serve a "tavern/seafood-style menu," according to SLA documents, and rename the restaurant (tentatively) Lucille. Simone Martini hasn't updated its social media accounts or its website to mention what's going on, or when it might be closing, but Eater has reached out for a comment.

Simone Martini Bar & Cafe

134 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009 (212) 982-6665

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