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Rick Bayless Is Just as Excited as Everyone Else to Eat at NYC's Hottest Mexican Restaurant, Cosme

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Daniel Krieger

It only stands to reason that when Rick Bayless is in town, he heads straight to Cosme, the hottest Mexican opening of the year. Bayless — Mexican restaurant empire builder, celebrity chef, and most interesting man in the world — was in the city all weekend to cook a meal at the James Beard House, and visited Enrique Olvera's new Flatiron restaurant Friday night, tweeting that he "couldn't be more excited" about the modern Mexican menu. Unfortunately, he didn't tweet anything about what he actually ate, or whether he liked it, but for fans of the legend himself, another diner did accidentally capture this excellent shot of him mid-meal (he's the well-lit man with the mustache, over on the right):

For those curious about where else the Chicago chef dined while in town, he lunched at ABC Cocina, got just about every doughnut at Dough, pre-gamed James Beard at Russ & Daughters Cafe, and really loved Uncle Boons.


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