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Snack Dragon on East Third Succumbs to a Slow Death After a Massive Rent Hike

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The taco stand was slated to close in July, but puttered along through this weekend.


Teeny tiny taqueria Snack Dragon put up the good fight, staying open a full three months longer than planned, but finally shut its doors this weekend on East 3rd Street. This summer, owners announced that July 31 would be the taco stand's last day because rent had been ratcheted up to $3,900 a month. The space is now listed at $4,495. Snack Dragon shuttered its Orchard Street location earlier this year, so now it's just the Williamsburg location that's left standing.

Snack Dragon

199 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009 (212) 473-7257 Visit Website

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