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Dirt Candy 2.0 Is Probably Just Six Weeks Away From Making Its Big Debut on the Lower East Side

Amanda Cohen is getting closer to opening the much bigger version of Dirt Candy, the restaurant every vegetarian has been waiting for.

Daniel Krieger

According to Amanda Cohen's latest recipe testing Instagram update, she's only about six weeks away now from opening the new, much bigger version of her hit vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy. That's her tentative guess at least, left in the comments beneath an ultra-close-up shot of crispy tofu. She also adds that she expects to open up reservations in January. In other updates, menu editing is underway, the chairs have arrived:

And so has this frilly lighting fixture:

Stayed tuned to that Instagram feed for more up-to-the-minute updates. Cohen has been experimenting with poutine and mushroom mousse balls — oh yeah, and also decided to eliminate tipping so there's no telling what else she'll get up to in the coming weeks.

Dirt Candy

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