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The Primo Corner Space Left Behind by Ice Adventure Bar Preserve 24 Has a Suitor

A bar and restaurant called One for the Frog is slated to move in.

Daniel Krieger

The corner space on Houston Street that last housed Preserve24, the ill-fated restaurant with an explorer-themed fake origin story, finally has a new suitor. A sign is up in the window for a bar and restaurant called One for the Frog, which is apparently British slang for "one more for the road," reports Bowery Boogie. Preserve24, where "explorers" (aka drinkers) were supposed to retrieve glacial ice, never really worked out. The operators ended up in court with the landlord and ultimately owned $726,761.67. Anthony Rudolph, who used to manage operations at Per Se, was brought in to help and had his eye on the space for a bit, but that love affair was short-lived. One for the Frog will appear before the community board in two weeks. If they move forward, they're in for a major renovation project with that space177 East Houston, Lower East Side